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291. Call to Order
292. Pledge of Allegiance
13. Roll Call
294. Adoption of Agenda
294.a. Dated November 09, 2017
295. Approval of Minutes
295.a. Special Meeting Dated October 26, 2017
296. Invocation by Commissioner Carabelli
297. Public Participation
298. Correspondence from Office of County Executive
299. Finance Committee Recommendations
299.a. Contract: Spitz Pathology Group, PLLC - Medical Examiner Office Services
299.b. Cost Share Agreement: Macomb Township - Pave Fairchild and Omo Roads between 24 and 26 Mile Road
299.c. Contract: MDOT - Traffic Signals
299.d. Agreement: Inmate Calling Solutions, LLC (ICS) - Inmate Telephone Services
299.e. Intergovernmental Contract: St. Clair County - Transfer of Responsibilities for Juvenile Detention S...
2910. Ordinances
2910.a. Ordinance 2017-03: An Ordinance to Establish Comprehensive Contracting and Purchasing Policies and P...
2910.b. Ordinance 2017-04: FY 2018 Comprehensive General Appropriations Ordinance
2911. Resolutions
2911.a. Denying Request from Clerk/Register of Deeds
2911.b. MCL 46.11
2912. Excused Absence
2912.a. Excuse Commissioner Klinefelt from the November 7, 2017 Joint JPS / Gov Ops Meeting
2913. New Business
2914. Public Participation
2915. Roll Call
116. Adjournment